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Per TV per month
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  • No tethering
  • No need Internet
  • Available SERVICE PLANS

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Essentials: 1 - 2 TVs


  • A Bulbon Device for each TV

  • Bulbon Device Installation (Miami Metropolitan Area)

  • Apply a custom design or from our templates (Multiple layouts)

  • Logo animation

  • Ads from our database

  • Customize your content. Images, color and texts of the products, their specifications and prices

  • Content stream. Show personalized content based on schedule

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Technical support

Bulbon One is an offline solution so technical support cannot be remotely. We need to know when it is more opportune to visit you.

Our system allows setup and editing the content to show your Digital Menu without internet. You can learn how to use our system with our video tutorials.

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If you are not in the Miami Metropolitan Area, please provide an the EIN (Employer Identification Number) so we can bill you.

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